Do you need help coming up with your Wedding Shot List??

Well you came to the right place!! Let me guess... you booked your photographer and they asked you for a wedding shot list, and you instantly started panicking thinking "What is a wedding shot-list? How do I come up with that? How do I format it? What if I miss something?"... As a photographer I know that this happens all too often, and guess what!! IT'S OKAY! It's okay to not know where to start, it's okay to not have it figured out yet! It's not like you get married all the time lol.

First off, a wedding shot list is your MUST HAVE photos. Most photographers print out your shot list and bring it to your wedding. As the day goes on your photographer will follow your shot list to make sure they are staying on track and getting the shots that YOU MUST HAVE. By the end of your wedding, your photographer should have every single shot marked off on the list.

I have put together this ultimate shot list to give you a good start. You can remove things or add things to your list, it is YOUR day so make sure to get the shots that YOU want!!

I hope this has inspired you, and if you're still in search for the right photographer... YOU'RE IN LUCK... I am currently booking for 2021-2022, and I will travel absolutely anywhere for your big day!