How H+R Met:

Ricky and Haili first met when Ricky was in search of a creative director/photographer for his album “I’m Still Figuring This Out”. He came across Haili’s Instagram, messaged her about how much he loved her work, and unknowingly kickstarted their love story. From that moment they began talking daily, mainly about photography, cameras, and everything creative. Haili loved Ricky’s music and ultimately decided she wanted to become part of his team. They became great friends, texting frequently and checking up on each other. After about a month of mainly texting & calling they FINALLY scheduled a day to meet up and go over ideas for the album.

Ricky and Haili met up for the first time at Copper Star Coffee in Central Phoenix. Ricky was the first to arrive. Beating Haili there by 5 minutes, he grabbed a seat in the back corner of the shop, plugged in his almost dead laptop, and sent out a text letting Haili know where he was sitting. Moments later Haili parks her car in the little dirt lot masquerading as parking spaces and heads inside. As her hand grips the handle to the entrance, her eyes read the room and drift to the area described in the text she received a few minutes prior. Ricky looks up from his laptop, their eyes meet, and there’s an instant connection.

They arrived at Copper Star Coffee around 5pm and didn’t stop talking until about 2am (the coffee shop closed at 10pm and they were kindly asked to leave). The conversations shifted from photography to music and continued to twist and turn until it eventually landed on each of their life stories. By the time the night ended, they were in LOVEEEEE (lowkey lol). Despite their best attempts to keep things strictly professional, Ricky and Haili ended up falling for each other. However, their failed attempt to keep things plutonic did delay them acting on their feelings, leaving their friends and family to guess and make assumptions in the background. Eventually, true love prevailed and after six months of “trying not to date” they were officially an item.

Fast forward, 3 years (1 year of sharing a 600sqft apartment, followed by buying a house, and adopting 2 pups together) later….